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On this site, you can download Yandere Simulator for Android & iOS. Yandere Simulator is a game where you secretly follow a boy and eliminate anyone who likes him. It's now available on Mobile!


Yandere Simulator Mobile Review

Yandere Simulator is a game where you play as a jealous girl. This game focused on a jealous female character, created by YandereDev, a programmer who previously worked at a well-known company. YandereDev also contributed to the development of games for consoles and phones.

First, it is worth explaining that "yandere" is a term borrowed from Japanese pop culture - mainly manga - that describes a specific personality type. A yandere person may seem kind and harmless at first glance. Still, after some time (usually due to a failed romantic relationship), they reveal their second nature - abrupt and prone to extreme violence.

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The Story of Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator mobile

In the game, we take on the role of an ordinary high school girl who falls in love. The yandere chan is unique. When she loves a boy, she keeps her female classmates away from him. To accomplish this, she won't even hesitate to commit murder.

Play Yandere Simulator APK

Yandere Simulator APK for Android is an open-world game that mixes stealth, dating, and third-person perspective. It's made independently but has impressive mechanics. The primary means of getting rid of competitors is to cause them harm or eliminate them.

It happens in various places at the school and nearby the student's home. The primary method to eliminate rivals is to harm or kill them. It occurs in different locations, such as the school and the student's home. Before committing the crime, it is crucial to be cautious and survey the area. This is because there are other individuals present, such as students and teachers. We should also avoid attracting attention from outsiders who may report the incident to the police.

We must avoid drawing attention from outsiders who might inform the police. The female students must be led to a quiet location. We have to kill them and take out any evidence after that. This involves eliminating all traces of the crime, cleaning up the blood, and hiding the body. Not always do we have to take the life of other female students ourselves. Sometimes, we can manipulate our classmates by convincing them to harass our target, who ultimately commits suicide alone. In addition, more sophisticated methods can be used, such as accusing the victim of one of the previous murders, destroying their good reputation, or even causing them to become interested in another boy.

The last mentioned method in the Yandere Simulator APK, no verification, is a separate game. First, we must start following the girl to determine which student is interested in her. Then We need to make him like us so we can control him. Afterwards, we must create an opportunity for the new friend and the girl to meet and talk to each other. We communicate with the boy over the phone. We instruct him on what to say to make the competitor develop feelings for him. If everything goes according to plan, the characters will fall for each other, and our problem will be solved.

An exciting feature is hiring various people who help us with specific tasks. But they don't do anything for free, so to hire, for example, a boy who will distract witnesses from a particular place, you must first take pictures of girls' panties that serve as virtual currency.


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Yandere Ai Girlfriend Simulator Mobile

Yandere Simulator mobile

In Yandere Ai Girlfriend Simulator Mobile, players have only five days to eliminate their competitors. However, in the final game, there are planned to be ten weeks, each with an assigned rival that the player must stop. In the demo version, after completing the first week, there is an option to activate the Amai Challenge, in which our rival is, of course, Amai, as suggested. The challenge involves getting rid of the girl and her body without other students knowing and leaving no traces, such as blood, weapons, or dirty clothes.

Yandere Simulator iOS Training mode

A mode that appears before the Yandere Simulator is in the story mode and 1980 mode, which helps the player to understand the basic mechanics of the Yandere Simulator iOS game.


The phone can be used to take pictures of students or teachers. If the player takes a shot for Senpai, Ayano's psyche will return to normal. The phone can also take photos of girls' panties to send to Info-chan, for which the player gets points that can be used to buy various favours from her. Additionally, when the player takes a picture of a character's face and sends it to Info-chan, it will provide them with information about that character.


Weapons are essential in the Yandere Simulator APK download, as they let the player kill rivals and other individuals. Currently, there are planned to be around 30 weapons placed around and inside the school. The equipment includes a katana, kitchen knife, hammer, chainsaw, baseball bat, and dumbbells.


Reputation is a crucial element of the Yandere Simulator for Mobile. The higher the reputation, the more interactions with other players. At the beginning of the Yandere Simulator for ios, the player starts with a neutral reputation. It is up to the gamer whether this reputation will increase or decrease.

  • Reputation increases when we perform tasks for other students, compliment them, etc.
  • Reputation decreases when the player is seen with a weapon in hand, covered in blood, in a state of insanity, or caught taking panty shots of female students. If the reputation falls below -100 points, Senpai will never love Ayano, and the player will end the Yandere Simulator ios unfavourably.

Skill points

The points of skills can be used to acquire skills valuable to the protagonist during the murder. Additionally, she can get additional points or other abilities if she wears special panties. There is also a "Yandere sense" ability, which allows the protagonist to determine the whereabouts of people she has previously taken pictures of, including her rivals and Senpai.

People who have witnessed a crime have a yellow aura, those whom Ayano has information about from Info-chan have a green atmosphere, Senpai has a pink aura, and rivals have a red aura. Additionally, valuable items such as weapons in Yandere Sim Mobile have a cyan aura.


The student's personality determines their behaviour and how they will react when they see a dead body, for example. Each character can respond differently; for instance, a loner will run away from school and call the police, while a teacher's favourite student will run to the teacher's room to inform the teacher of the situation.

There are several types of personalities in the game. To check someone's personality, you only need to take a picture of them and send it to Info-chan.

Yandere Simulator mobile

How to Download Yandere Sim Mobile and Install APK on your mobile phone?

Download Download Yandere Sim APK

Download Yandere Sim Mobile APK file - by click the download button below. Connect your device to the computer if you download the file from a PC. The file size of the APK file is 96MB.

Install Yandere Simulator MOD APK

Transfer the Yandere Simulator file to your mobile device.
Access the file, and a notification will appear stating that your device is configured to prevent the installation of applications from unidentified origins for security reasons.
Click on settings -> Allow Installation of Yandere Simulator on your Mobile.

Open Yandere Simulator Game

After Installation, you will see Yandere Simulator Android icon on your phone. Open the game; It will download OBB data files and the game.

Install on your device

Yandere Simulator Mod apk Release date

As YandereDev stated, the Yandere Simulator mod APK is constantly improving and enhancing. In January 2016, he claimed the full version would be released in 2019. Dev initially stated that Osana would likely be added in late 2016 or early 2017 but later changed that date. However, after gaining more experience in game development, his plans changed slightly.

During these years, he planned many more complex features. He wants the Yandere Simulator Mobile to be demanding, has many options and additions, and provides a lot of fun. Therefore, he decided to wait to set any deadlines for new updates or the release date of the Yandere Simulator Download Android. He said the game will be released "when it's ready".

Possible Yandere Simulator Android no verification endings

Bad ending

This will take place if:

  • A teacher or Senpai notices that the player has committed murder (in the case of Taro, we can land a lousy ending by doing anything unusual, such as standing too close to him for too long), several consequences can occur:
  • Someone from the student council will notice us with a weapon or commit a crime and spray us with pepper spray.
  • Raibaru Fumetsu will stop us and break our bones.
  • A stronger student or teacher will restrain us.
  • We will be expelled from school.
  • We will be arrested.

Eliminating Osana

After getting rid of Osana, the player receives an ending with a scene in which Senpai meets a new girl - Amai Odayaka, who becomes the next rival. They have a conversation about how Osana was eliminated. At this point, Amai offers Taro a cupcake to cheer him up, which is then photographed by Info-chan.

Killing all the students

To unlock this, you must eliminate every student without using any Easter eggs you found in Yandere Simulator Mobile. Then, Senpai will be kidnapped by the protagonist.


tory mode: The player has ten weeks to eliminate ten female rivals. Each choice the player makes will affect the Yandere Simulator Mobile Download end. (Currently, there is a demo version, which means there is only one fixed rival).

Mission mode. In this mode, Ayano receives a mission from Info-chan to kill a specific person [or people] in a particular way.

Strike a pose mode

In this mode, the player can set any character in a pose they like, in a location of their choice, and change their appearance.

LoveSick mode

This mode is activated by clicking L on the calendar at the beginning of the game. In this mode, there is no debugging screen, Easter Eggs, and the atmosphere is set to the lowest level.

1980 mode

This mode takes place precisely in 1989, and to unlock it, you need to complete the Yandere Simulator APK story mode. In this mode, you play as Ryoba Aishi, Ayano's mother. This mode is more complex than the regular game because you can only use the technology available in 1980, so there will be no internet, and the smartphone will be replaced with a notebook. In this mode, there will be no Info-chan, but there will be a person who persuaded Ryoba to commit murder but won't help you during gameplay.