Yandere Simulator – Supporting Characters


Yandere Simulator is a popular indie stealth-action video game developed by YandereDev. The game revolves around a high school student named Ayano Aishi, who is infatuated with her senpai and will go to extreme lengths, including murder, to eliminate any potential romantic rivals. While the main focus of the game is on Ayano, there are several supporting characters that play important roles in the story and gameplay. In this article, we will explore the diverse and fascinating cast of supporting characters in Yandere Simulator.

Info-chan: The Mysterious Informant

Info-chan is a vital character in Yandere Simulator, providing Ayano with essential information and services throughout the game. She operates from an undisclosed location and communicates with Ayano through her phone. Info-chan’s vast network of spies allows her to gather valuable intel on students and faculty members. She provides Ayano with various favors in exchange for panty shots, such as unlocking new abilities, acquiring weapons, or spreading rumors.

For example, when Ayano needs to acquire a weapon discreetly, Info-chan can provide her with a hidden stash in a secluded area of the school. Ayano can access this stash and choose from a variety of weapons, ranging from knives to poison. Additionally, Info-chan can assist Ayano in spreading rumors about her rivals, tarnishing their reputation and causing chaos among the students.

Info-chan’s role in the game demonstrates the power of information and manipulation. By utilizing her services, players can gain an upper hand in eliminating rivals and progressing in the game.

Osana Najimi: The Childhood Friend

Osana Najimi is one of the first characters introduced in Yandere Simulator and serves as Ayano’s rival. As Ayano’s childhood friend, Osana is close to senpai, which sparks Ayano’s jealousy and triggers her violent tendencies.

Players get the opportunity to observe the complex relationship between Ayano and Osana throughout the game. Osana’s presence and growing affection for senpai create hurdles for Ayano, challenging her to find ways to eliminate her romantic rival while avoiding suspicion.

Osana’s character adds depth to the narrative and introduces gameplay mechanics that involve sabotaging her interactions with senpai. Players must strategize and manipulate the environment to create opportunities for Ayano to eliminate Osana without being caught.

Amai Odayaka: The Sweet and Caring

Amai Odayaka is a cheerful and kind-hearted character in Yandere Simulator. She is the epitome of sweetness and represents the “sweet” archetype of anime characters. Amai is passionate about cooking and dreams of becoming a professional chef.

In the game, Amai runs the school’s cooking club, where she prepares delicious meals for the other students. Her caring and nurturing nature make her a popular figure among her peers. Amai’s role extends beyond her culinary skills, as she becomes a potential obstacle for Ayano in her quest to eliminate rivals.

Amai’s close relationship with senpai and her genuine kindness create a challenge for Ayano. Players must devise unique strategies to eliminate Amai while avoiding suspicion and maintaining the facade of a normal school life.

Kizana Sunobu: The Aspiring Actress

Kizana Sunobu is a character in Yandere Simulator who dreams of becoming a famous actress. She exudes confidence and carries herself with an air of superiority. Kizana is highly focused on her image and believes she is destined for stardom.

Kizana’s theatrical nature and obsession with being in the spotlight make her a prime target for Ayano’s manipulations. Players can exploit Kizana’s ego by orchestrating events that undermine her reputation and lead to her downfall. By carefully planning and executing actions, players can eliminate Kizana and remove her as a romantic rival for senpai.

Oka Ruto: The Occult Enthusiast

Oka Ruto is a unique character in Yandere Simulator who is deeply fascinated by the occult. She is often seen wearing dark clothing and exhibits a mysterious demeanor. Oka believes in supernatural powers and spends her time researching and exploring paranormal activities.

Oka’s interests and unconventional behavior make her an intriguing character in the game. Players can use her fascination with the occult to their advantage by manipulating supernatural elements to create distractions or manipulate events. By delving into the occult alongside Oka, players can uncover hidden secrets and unlock new possibilities for eliminating rivals.

FAQs about Yandere Simulator – Supporting Characters

Q: Are there other supporting characters in Yandere Simulator?

Yes, there are several other supporting characters in Yandere Simulator, each with their unique personalities, backstories, and roles in the game. Some notable examples include Megami Saikou, the student council president, and Hanako Yamada, senpai’s younger sister.

Q: Can players interact with the supporting characters in the game?

While the main focus is on Ayano and her actions, players can interact with the supporting characters to gather information, complete quests, or manipulate events. The interactions and relationships with these characters influence the gameplay and storyline.

Q: Will the supporting characters undergo changes as the game develops?

YandereDev, the developer of Yandere Simulator, has stated that the supporting characters will undergo further development and changes as the game progresses. This includes deeper storylines, additional interactions, and improved AI behavior for a more immersive gameplay experience.


The supporting characters in Yandere Simulator play crucial roles in shaping the narrative and gameplay. Each character brings their own unique traits and challenges for players to overcome. From Info-chan’s mysterious services to Osana’s presence as a childhood friend and romantic rival, the supporting characters add depth and complexity to the game’s world. Interacting with and strategizing around these characters is essential for Ayano’s success in eliminating her rivals and winning the affection of senpai.

Note: This article is based on the current state of Yandere Simulator as of September 2021, and details may change as the game continues to be developed by YandereDev.